Sunday, 4 May 2008


I haven't really contributed to Her space My space for some time, as my camera was just playing up so bad, but now I feel I can start again.
S.O.S is Show off Sunday
As far as I'm concerned there are three gorgeous cats in the whole wide world and I have all three of them! What a coincidence eh! This is LouieBless him, he use to be such a 'filled' out cat until about six years ago when he was really poorly with gastroenteritis and nearly died, now he's alot 'slighter' and with a lot less teeth! Poor baby...
Yesterday I spent three hours in total at the allotment, and came home and re sowed some seedlings. Today I was at the allotment for 8.45am, finally pulling out the rest of the 'ingrown' carpet and filling in the gaping hole its left! Home again to sow more seeds, so my lovely jubbly grow house is now full to the brim!!! Enjoying it greatly and cannot wait to get my first harvest.. well fingers crossed


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