Wednesday, 25 June 2008

booty-licious baby

I myself am not into parchment, as in I don't do it as part of my crafting hobby. Over on Trimcraft, I noticed some gorgeous booties and contacted the crafter concerned to see if she would kindly make me some, and she did, aren't they gorgeous - love um - thank you so much LinHS-MS today is Educate - To give intellectual, moral or social instruction.
Standard item but first thing I could think of this morning, we are hugely proud of Jack as his reading is coming on a treat and he really enjoys doing it, he's moved up another class which is fantastic :)

Had coffee with a friend today and boy did we chat!! lol Thanks honey

More things to go on Etsy tonight - bbl x


  1. Well done, Jack! It's great to see them coming on, isn't it?

    Love the parchment bootees!

  2. Its great to see kids reading.Love those bootees.

  3. OK, they may be standard to you but I am clueless as to what they those books are. Great shot and angle!
    Gorgeous shoes!

  4. Deanne
    Those shoes are brilliant - what work!!

  5. such a special and exciting time learning to read and so important too, just imagine all those new world's opening up
    great idea for the phot prompt


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