Thursday, 26 June 2008


Support - To hold up or bear weight.

Holding our garden table up! Hopefully :) Managed to take this shot in between the rain sessions today.

A long night it was last night, Riley is teething very badly, and well, I don't know what time it is let alone what day it is today!!
So I'm off to my pit as soon as...

Edited to add*** I dont watch soaps anymore, they bore me! but I do love Hollyoaks, always have, and I have just watched tomorrows episode on E4!!! I've just lost a million tears and more


  1. LOL at your comment re the weather! It is like a wet winters day here, and so damn cold too; dd just asked for the heating to be put on.

    Love the way that you got down on you hands and knees for this shot . . . I could get down there, BUT I may never get up again :-D

    Generally I am not a parchment fan BUT those booties are absolutely beautiful . . . divine :-)

    And my boy loved to read. We used to make simple books together. He would cut and paste on the picture and I would write simple sentences for him to read. Those were his favourite books :-) Ah, takes me back :-) And he's 16 in December!!!! Don't even ask how that happened . . . :-(

    Bye for now . . . Sue :-)

    P.S I do hope that Rileys comes through teething soon. Calpol, Calpol and more Calpol. So unfair that they get so much pain :-(

  2. I love Hollyoakes too, don't always m.anage to watch it, but I did see tonights

  3. Love the angle of the shot! Great photo!


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