Saturday, 21 June 2008

Crack of dawn..

thats what time i've been up since!!! What is it with my boys and getting up at 6am!!! even on the weekends, I suppose I've got stuff done this morning so thats okay.

Its SPS day over at HS-MSThis has to be my most favourite photo of Riley whilst on holiday. Love all the colours and just remember how much he was loving that sand :)

Busy afternoon/evening/Sunday morning ahead of me...byeeeeeeeeee x


  1. He looks as though he doesn't know how to take the sand between his toes! Great shot!

  2. Super shot of Riley, love that red against the yellow and blue t shirt. Wedding shots- fab! and lovely box and gifts too- they must have been thrilled... And shi tzu- which way up! LOL....
    Great blogging since I last visited :)


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