Sunday, 22 June 2008

Good ole Amy Butler

Last night saw me doing an overnight babysitting for my buddies kiddies... I have to say they were good as gold. Didnt half miss home, my honey and my babies though lol.
We sent them packing for a night off at Sedgebrook Hall and I'm just so happy that they got a night off, the first I believe.

Anyway where am I going with Amy Butler!!! Well I love love love the patterned papers, fabric and patterns and last night once kiddies were all tucked up, I set about doing thisthey are in progress and I will show them in full once finished, hopefully they will be popping on over to Etsy and will sell like hot cakes! lol

Cazz and Mark came home this afternoon and bought me thesehehehe - more Amy Butler papers, see my friends truly know my style ;) Thank you so much but really you didnt have too. x

School uniform, after dinner tidying and toy picking up awaits me... x

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