Sunday, 8 June 2008

Food ~

Glorious Food...
Well last night I cooked my buddy a 3 course Slimming World meal, yum yummy yum...
Starters - Prawns in Cucumber Cups! (free on a red day)Main - Chicken Kiev, Wedges and salad (Healthy B and 3 sins) no photo! but I dare say Cazz has, lol
Dessert - Fresh fruit salad, vanilla yog (free) and a sprinkling of praline flake (dont care about the sins, it was de-lish)Yes you are looking at a broken glass on the floor! Wombat here put the desserts in large wine glasses (very chic) in the fridge door! and opened it rather quickly - hence the disaster! lol Managed to chuck another couple together! lol

Delicious meal followed by 'Ps I Love You' blooming fantastic chick flick, the best in a long time - lots of giggles, a certain must see...

HS-MS - SPSI've been a very good girlie today, spent a fair few hours up the allotment, after the initial shock of the amount of weeds, I got started and I have to say, I still love it, alongside crafting it comes a very close second! Knackered now though... so heading for a soak.... ttfn x

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