Saturday, 7 June 2008

Scraps and HS-MS

Firstly my internets been off! and seriously I've felt like my right and left arm have been missing!
Cazz and Mark popped in last night with a pressie as we are going to be their Witnesses next Saturday at the Wedding!!! Ooooh not long now - anyways they'd bought us a digital photo frame (hehehe been after one for ages) so thank you thank you tons and tons.

Talking of them, its Marks Stag do tonight! God help him, I'm sure they'll be fine and in much later than we were! lol So Cazz is round here tonight and I've decided to cook a lovely meal (Slimming World of course) as its her last week of unmarried bliss freedom :)

I've got so much scrap patterned paper sitting around that I threw some friendship cards together, cause I never have one to hand when I need one - Heres a fewIts Herspace-Myspace SPS today, heres a shot of my gorgeous little fella, he makes me laugh with his front teeth missing :) Its changed his facial features so muchand believe it or not - this is a beautiful dog that just will not sit still for the camera, at all!!!I really dont know how he see's, my Mums answer (whilst dog sitting) was I didnt know if I was talking to his face or his arse!!! Nice... thanks Mum

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  1. Wow Deanne if you just "chucked" those cards together you'd never know it - they are beautiful, love the ribbons.
    Your son is a handsome wee man!!
    And well that furry face - what can I say!! LOL




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