Thursday, 12 June 2008


Drip - To let small drops of liquid fallOdd photo! Well I'm keeping up to date with my 365 days (take a peek) at the moment, but I am having to go back and fill in some gaps of photos. This been one of them, it was a photography prompt about shutter speed. I think I did it right 1/1000!!! Well I'm impressed with it, even if it is wrong lol

Off to finish altering a CD now!

Oooh and huge congrats to this chap, I must admit I was very surprised... but well deserved.Lee Mcqueen - The apprentice

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  1. Great shot! I have kept up and at the beginning of next year I am having a book made of my 365 Days of Maddness. I'll have a short blurp about each photo. Makes it worth it.


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