Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Project, Catch up and me..

A quick and easy 'Fathers Day card from the kids' project that I did for Easy Craft Projects is now ready for download - you can check it out hereI used the gorgeous Sassafrass robotics papers, all instructions are on the download.

I'm playing catch up with HS-MS - Burst as in a gorgeous burst of colour from this flowerand trapped - I couldnt resist I had to use this, from when my dear penelope had her babies, bless this little one, he was certainly trapped!!!and as for me! Well its high time I gave myself a good kick up the butt regarding anything to do with me really!!! Especially Slimming World... I've figured out that having a goal to aim for just really does not work for me! I just need to do it, I've been fart arsing (pardon the expression) for too long, a stone and a half weight loss is great, I grant that - but I've been going long enough to have lost more than that!!!
So rather than a goal, I have to think of something else to keep me motivated!! I'll update with hopefully progress!! lol
Yesterday I sat and wrote one of the hardest letters I believe I've ever had to write! I truly hope something comes off it, if not - I believe that there is nothing else I can do, other than wait and hope.


  1. Hi lovely burst pic, i can't quite make out what us trapped?!!!

  2. beautiful burst and cute trapped!

  3. Haha!!! ooo i see it now!!! wasn't sure if it was a puppy or kitten never thought of a bunny!!!! its very cute !!!!


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