Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Nothing crafty to show as having good general clearout - again...
I put another pound on last night!!! I am seriously stuck in that rut of take off - put back on, take off - put back on... very sad. Oh well back on it again today though.

HS-MS is Yawn - Open one's mouth wide to inhale deeply due to tiredness or boredom.He was one tired and teething little gem...
I have to say Anitas anatomy of a yawn picture is awesome and very very cute, you must go see.

The whole reason we bought our Shih Tzu puppy Wicket is because my honey bunny of a friend showed me a picture of their new addition!!! I was straight on the phone asking where she'd got her from... How adorable is the delightful Ruby - How on earth do they see!!!!


  1. Sweet photo!
    Those dogs are all over my area of the globe! As a former groomer you give them bang cuts and make sure their eyes are clean and the hair around them is clean otherwise infection can happen.


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