Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Recycling HS-MS!

I love recycling stuff - anything really - I use to do it loads and I need to get back into it... I suppose the push was reading Debbies blog, its true there is such a stigma with 'charity shopping' but such bargains you can find. I was walking past one here the other day and I saw this amazing printed dress in the window and I was thinking of all the items I could make if I cut into that!! weird eh... so watch this space, some recycling art will be coming this way...

HS-MS is Hydrate - To fill or absorb with water.

These are my red pepper plants which need to planted out up the allotment very soon - they need lots! of water...


  1. Nice and hydrated, hope you get lots of peppers

  2. Great shot for the word. We are on the waiting list for an allotment but in the mean time my garden is packed full of growing goodies. x


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