Sunday, 27 July 2008

All well and good

- down on the farm! Well the allotments anyways :)

My courgettes are growing a treat, my tomatoes are showing (ubber excited about those) lettuce, sweetcorn and mangetout are just starting to show and I've got lots more in the offerings too. I'm starting small this year as its my first time, I've got great plans for next year (from Sep that is, all drawn up, literally - Is that sad lol - dont care)

I made a new friend, I shall call him ratcat! considering he was a rat - the size of a cat that is!!!

Anyways because I started small I dug up the last of my spuds!but they were delicious.... :)

Today I have my niece coming to stay for a couple of weeks, so I've got a few things lined up to keep all the kiddies entertained, and she loves crafting too so thats a bonus. I can see lots of photos happening over the holidays. Hope the weather keeps up cause its been gorgeous.

I'm rejoining herspace-myspace today after taking a break from a few things, (and feeling better for my break too) today is 'SOS - Show Off Sunday'This has to be my favourite photo of Riley in a long time. He's one of those little lads that just does not sit still!!! He's always in the drawers at home and he found the little chefs outfit, he walked around for ages in his 'new hat'

I love the 'crossprocess' look for some reason on photoscape!

Thats it from me folks x


  1. deanne your allotment looks like so much fun. and Riley is adorable!
    Hope you are well



  2. hi de you sure have been busy chick... i wanna see this rat... you sure it was not a drity cat hehehe... keep up the good work i will be asking for some stuff i think soon it all looks so yummy i love fresh fruit and veg...

    hugs trak xxxx


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