Thursday, 3 July 2008

Paint Galore

Last night saw the return of the other half of my mojo!!! because I just couldnt stop! Maybe it was helped along by new photos and and my new Bad Girls kit but hey I dont care, I was just happy to be creating again! I have one that I cant show you just yet! This little lad can eat and eat and loves all his food, and his favourite saying 'I Want More'

This is for the Bad Girls apron challenge this month, you had to use paint. I'm pretty new to putting paint on LO's so I practically just chucked it on!!

HS-MS today is Upside Down!Well he's nearly upside down, my bestest puddy wuddy ever - Gizmo...


  1. Great you have the mojo back!

  2. Loving all the LOs. Paint's pretty cool ey? Gizmo's super cute too!

  3. Love these layouts Deanne - you are a talented wee lady indeed!!

    And how cute is Gizmo - languishing there!!


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