Wednesday, 23 July 2008


For a little while I've been feeling a tad in the dumps! but thankfully since doing my postnatal depression course at the end of last year, I recognised what was going on so I decided to slow down and put a halt on a few things. I'm feeling much better, not to 100% but very nearly there.

Off with the depressing crap now and onto more cheery shite!!!!!! lol

My gorgeous little fella finished year one today, what a year, it didn't start too great in my eyes, a mixed class, not much communication but it got there in the end with a lot of help from friends!
Jack has progressed so much this year, he's gone up so many stages in his reading, his writing is gorgeous and as always he still loves his art work.
He's actually been coming out of school with a smile on his face and 'actually' telling me what he's been doing that day at school.

I thoroughly believe in Read, Write Inc, its fantastic, its whats helped Jack progress. Thank you thank you thank you Ruth Miskin

To thank the teachers I made some birdie cards but to thank the special teachers that have helped Jack in different areas I made these for

Mrs Mockford, his year one teacher
Mrs Breakspeare, his teacher in read, write inc (Jack was so upset when he moved up sets recently as she was not going to be his teacher anymore :(
Mrs Mutton, who since reception has been working with Jack once a week to help build his confidence through her gross motor class
All of the chipboard books, have teacher quotes on the reverse of them.
Thank you to everyone, means tons to me how much Jack has come on, I'm one proud momma...


  1. Hi Deanne - so pleased Jack has come on well at school and that you are proud of him :) :) :)

    Your chipboard books are fabulous - the teachers will love them and treasure them. :)

    Take care


  2. Deanne

    I'm so glad you're feeling better and had a bit of a breather.
    The teachers must have loved their books they look brilliant


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