Monday, 18 August 2008


my honey already and he only left for Scotland yesterday!! :(
Although his phone call last night cheered me up no end, especially when they found out that him and his mate had been booked into a 'double' room, they ended up swapping with someone else and have now got the pleasure of the 'honeymoon suite' with four poster bed included!!! lmao
Luckily there is also a pull out sofa bed... only them eh!
He did send me a photo of the view from the window and its a blooming waterfall... alright for some, all I'm currently looking at is UPS van parked outside! (Ooh hold on thats for me... :) )

Now the summer holidays are nearing there end, I have the next two weeks roughly planned so I am feeling confident that I can re-join HS-MS again, as I hate dipping in and out when I can, I love to join in daily.. So today I find that SuzyB is taking over for awhile whilst Kirsty and Anita are busy elsewhere, the letter for today is SMy gorgeous wind chime from Cyprus
and here's a sneak peek of my new project that will soon be showing on Easy Craft Projects

Thanks for looking :) x


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