Saturday, 27 September 2008


Gorgeous day yesterday so off to the country park we went, I have to say that its our favourite place to go for a great long walk, picking up leaves, lunch and the wicked kids play area.
Whilst taking photos I wondered why is it we choose to have the breed of dog that you just cannot photograph!!! Whatever way I do it, he looks like a ball of fluff!See that little dot of an orange top! That's Riley doing a runner... Something super duper is happening this evening with friends and I cant wait to share what it is but you'll have to wait till tomorrow!
I do have to say that I love blogging especially about my crafting ventures and snippets from my day to day life and I love that people stop by and see what we're up to and leave a comment, I've made so many wonderful friends doing this and I wouldn't change it for the world.
I've had my first ever anon comment, I would like to stress that as a family we do lead our lives to the fullest that we possibly can and that my children most certainly don't go without! Me not willing to spend out near on £50+ a term for my child to go to an activity for half and hour a week is not me letting him miss out on life!!
There are other activities out there which are more cost effective and even free and Riley especially (whilst his older brother is at school) thrives on them all.
ttfn x


  1. Awww...your dog is sooo cute!! Our girl is also a big ball a fluff now. She hasn't had a hair cut yet. I just trim her face and paws. Soon s he will need to visit the groomers. Maddi stays still when we take pix of her. I take sooo many pix of her so she's use to it. She's a diva...haha. Mind if I added your blog to mine?


  2. Good on ya, bird! Bloody expensive if you ask me... £20 for a T shirt! WFT?!

    It's not about the money that you spend, it's about the time that you spend with your kids.

  3. Loving your photos of your big ball of fluff! Hehe.

    I am a big believer that most things can be done cheaply but still be just as much fun so I hope you find somewhere great for Riley that wont cost the earth!

    Hmmm...wondering what your super duper news is now!

    Lisa x


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