Friday, 5 September 2008


What a day so far and its not even lunch time!
I've blitzed, blitzed and well blitzed...

My favourite film of all time is 'The Crow' I mean isnt it everyones? Well is should be... What talent. Well I havent seen it for awhile so I decided to pop it on and watch it whilst Riley was having a nap - I forgot how awesome it was... the music is ace and Brandon Lee is a true star

Way back in my single days!!!! I use to rent a room and I had this picture that was so huge it covered a whole wall!!!! I remember it costing me a fiver from the Oasis in Brum... it was great I use to wake up to that awesome wallpaper every morning!!! :)
What a short life this great guy had....


  1. Wow Deanne haven't thought about that film in years - it was a great film and I remember I couldn't believe he had died..

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