Thursday, 4 September 2008


its 23:19pm and I've just finished my Tesco online shopping!!!
Before I must admit I use to say 'theres no way I'm gonna do my shopping online, what a cop out, what a lazy ***' lol
but I take it all back... when Riley was poorly a few weeks ago I just couldnt get out of the house, Terry was away so I was limited to either more bean on toast! dont really think my gut could take anymore or do an online shop!!!
I've never looked back... tonight was my third week and wow, its stress free! I dont overbuy any crap that I dont really need! and the food is eaten as I buy all I need for planned meals throughout the week (Slimming World meals of course)
Love it... :)

Over at Easy Craft Projects on the Craft Journal my new project is up, very simple and stylish for any home - why dont you have a go!

Off to town tmz, birthday party on Sunday and thats about it really, more 'new' designs been dreamt up for my website... so I am busy, I just dont look it! lol

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  1. de sweetie whats your website i dont think i have seen it give me details and i will pop it on my blog ;)

    how did little ones get on at school first day go ok?

    hugs trak xxx

  2. Have never done any food shopping on line - is it more expensive because of delivery ??

  3. Welcome to the world of! I've been using it for years and it's a worth it's wait in gold. Sometimes when we run out of stuff and I have to nip to Tesco, I hate it. I waste so much time trying to find what I need and then waiting at the check out and then there's all the packing and then unpacking...

    No I am definately a convert to! lol! :-)


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