Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Raising Cash

Today has been a good day!
Coffee and a chat...
Gutting gutting gutting...
More freecycle goodness happening for an even worthier cause, a lady is raising some cash to fund towards her daughters next buggy (the nhs wont provide this for her as her daughter is able to walk for all of a couple of mins! Amazing isnt it)
So I will find as much of goodness to pass on for her to sell at the carboot this weekend :)
A good deed done makes me feel very happy...
Off to work wonders on some photos that arent mine!!!! A challenge I set for Rosie and I, we have two of each others photos and we have to scrap them... Here goes :) x


  1. I've done one of Deanne's already and have just about finished the second LO. Gonna be kakapoopooing myself until she sees them in case she don't like 'em! lol

  2. Good luck with your photos ladies. :)

    Glad you have done some good today - makes you feel a lot better when you do something nice eh? :)



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