Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Thanks to freecycle my little fella is very very happy, as I did not collect the little tykes slide till early evening he was happily playing on it in the kitchen! a first and last time I can tell you :)

A bit of a teaser for Rosie's LO!Ummm sepia, lol so you'll have to guess the colours hun! lol :)

Tomorrow is a busy day, picking up new buggy (the actual tyre has worn down on this one already!)
School uniform for me! What I hear you say - Off to Wicksteed Park for the school night on Friday! Photos may follow we'll see lol
more freecycling been picked up from here...
and finishing touches to my Easy Craft Projects for this month.
oooh and Riley is going to his first music makers class at the local nursery! :)


  1. Well, I wasn't going to be so evil with my sneaky peek, but bugger you! I bloody am now! lmfao

    Hope Riley loves his music makers class x

  2. You little tease you!!! I didn't want to see what it looked like any way!!! So there! (Sticking my tongue out at you!) :-) Lol!

    Hope Riley has lots of fun at his music makers class.

    Fe x


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