Wednesday, 12 November 2008

7 Things...

After reading the lovely blog Suzie Sews whom I have a new friendship with but will explain on that later.
She was tagged and I thought it looked rather interesting, so here goes Questions about 7 things and I'll be adding a few photos of corners of my home just for added interest :)

7 Things I would like to do before I die -

Move to Cornwall and live a chocolate box style house with a door in the middle!
Play guitar (honey help me please)
Gain a craft room :)
Read more
Not to suffer too much hurt (done that and its not very nice)
Live my dreams
and of course watch my beautiful family grow and grow :)

7 Things I do now -
Everything for my boys to help them through the day
crafty goodness
Photography (well at least trying to)
Collect silly things like momiji dolls & elephantstoo much laundry :)
not enough for myself!
and sing like a mad woman in the shower!!!

7 Things I cannot do -
not get stressed!!! (I major stress out like alot)
play guitar (hence please honey teach me - my fella plays lovely)
crochet! would love to learn
be true to myself! (sometimes)use the sewing machine properly :(
stand by a tortoise with hyperventilating!
and I cannot bend my ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 Things that attract me to the opposite sex!!! - Now I'm just gonna drone on about my fella now I'm afraid (Cazz put the puke bowl away)His smile is infectious, its always on his face, he very rarely is angry or annoyed or upset
His humour - believe me this guy has a bloody answer for everything
His hands, I love it when we hold hands or put arms around each when we're out and about or just plain cuddling on the sofa :)
His voice - goes right through me lol but for the right reasons
His aura!!! I just love everything about him and around him, I still have that tingle when I see him after a night at work :)
His passion, he loves the things he loves dearly, sadly apart from his family that also includes his cars and motorbikes :)
and I love the fact I can take the 'water' out of him and it doesnt hurt him :)

7 Things I say -
Oh my god (like all the time)
Honey (call everyone it :))
Wait (Wicket hears that alot)
Do you want to go to the naughty corner? (Riley)
Babe (in various different tones to my man)
Shit (I have to say, if I foul up in the day generally this is the word that comes out first!!)
and awesome (thanks to Jack watching nick toons!!) 7 Celebreties I admire -
Audrey Hepburn (adore)
Brandon Lee (adore)
Sharon Osbourne (makes me giggle)
Ewan McGregor (Ummmmmmmmmmm)
Kurt Cobain (Loved his music)
Struggling now - Gordon Ramsey!
and obv my new love Rob Pattinson!!!! far too young but Ummmmmmmmmm (hands off Rosie)

7 Favourite foods -
Peanut butter :)
Crusty bread and butter
Spag Bol :)
Chocolate :(
and Indian (I can see now why slimming world isnt working for me lol)

and thats it, I am going to tag

Cazz (who will eventually restart her blog!)

and anyone else who wants to play along, let me know so I can come and peek into your life :)

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