Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Tell all Tuesday!

Well here goes, Emma wants to know

Were you named after anybody?

Umm right I'll try to reduce the length of my answer!

My name is Deanne, but my Dad went to register me and to say he'd had a tipple (few beverages) was an understatement!!!
He wanted to call me Dionne after Dionne Warwick!!!! but it came out Deanne... so all my life I have argued especially with teachers when they call out Diane, 'no sir its Deanne' to find my birth certificate and the actual spelling is DIANE on there - lol

Not impressed - although its better than Joanna which is what my Mum wanted to call me, believe me I am not a Joanna!!! Sounds too posh for me!! lol

Hope I havent bored you!


  1. Hehe! My name's DEANNE too.I've been called Dianne,Dean, Deannie,Deanna, and even my son called Dionne when he was younger. I always have to spell my name if I tell them my name. I have no idea where my mom found my name ahdn WHY I was called Deanne. It's not very popular, I find.But there was another girl on my street where I grew up that was named Deanne. Also a couple of years ago I was in McDonald's and was ordering.The worker called out to a "Deanne" in the back.I asked her if she said "Deanne" and she said yes.I said that it was my name too.Then she said it was HER name too! Amazing, 3 "Deanne's" in one restaurant! haha!

  2. Hello, found you through Emma, this post is very funny...
    I'm Joanne but I've never been called it... except doctors & when I'm in trouble! I also think it's to posh for me. The problems is my parents wanted a boy so have always called me Joe... as I have to wear a name badge for work you'd be surpised any many people have pointed out that my name is spelt wrong. One man seem to get very angry about it.... it does make me laugh :)


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