Monday, 24 November 2008

Bingo Wings galore...

and walking sticks too...
Yes last night we - as in Mother and me - were grooving away to Cliff Richard :)A good show was put on and because it was the 50th anniversary of his music there was certainly lots of variety

my highlight of the evening was Jasper Carrot walking past me
who practically ducked and ran for cover when he heard his name been screamed out! lol Sorry but I was excited, I've seen the guy live and think he's a great fellow brummie :)

The downside of the evening was thiswell not literally, but the baguette it was in was that rockhard it bounced out of the bin and slammed on the floor!

Mum had a great time though, having a boogie in the aisle and a few more gifts of official merchandise from us to finish the evening off for her :)

On a crafty note, RosieDee's challenge went live last night, and it was my turn (thank you Rosie for uploading it for me) we had to use the scraps from our layouts last week and make some cards, as many as we liked, I managed two, Rosie of course managed 8!!!!

Here's a sneak of mine

ttfn x


  1. My Mum thinks Cliff is fab and my Dad thinks that Jasper Carrott is awesome!! lol

    The band I sing in are doing Mistletoe and Wine and I sing two verses as solos! eek! better do it good now!

  2. Hee Heee heee, I like Jasper too. Love the hot dog.

    There is an award on my blog for you if you would like it.

    Carol xx

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA sorry Dee but I just had to laugh!!! I love Jasper and am amazed that you didn't just grab him...but I think I would give Cliff a miss tho, of course, we know all the owrds hehe X

  4. Actually.....does that mean that Jasper is a fan of Cliffs then?????


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