Saturday, 22 November 2008

Cliffette - not...

Where has nearly a week gone! With Tels dad staying with us and trips to the hospital and back its been a blur ~ but now he is on the mend and back at his home and we are slowly trying to get back to normal here.
I have lots of finished crafting projects to photograph and send off to the relevant parties :) but here's a card I made for a special birthday Lots more crafty goodies to show but as of yet I really have failed to get my camera out for a couple of weeks.

Today my Mum is coming here for a few days ~ does anyone else get all weird when their Mum comes to stay!! I always have this feeling like I need to blitz blitz and blitz some more.. as if my home is just not up to scratch! Is that a Mother/Daughter thing! Please enlighten me because I'm driving myself mad, thinking I am going to run out of time before everything is done that I want to get done!

I am though having a breather at the moment (obviously updating my blog) and having a well earned cuppa cha...
Anyways the reason my Mum is coming is because for her 60th in October, we bought her tickets to see Cliff Richard (who she states she adores) so tomorrow we will be in my hometown of Birmingham and singing our little hearts away.I would like to add right here and now that I am no Cliffette!!!! I am purely taking my Mother to see him, although come on, you have to admit, I'm so gonna know ALL the words to ALL the songs arent I!!!

Wish me luck :)


  1. Enjoy the concert, you closet Cliffette!!! xx

  2. If you don't love cliff then why do you have a picture of him by your bed next to the Hoff??? lololol ;)


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