Monday, 17 November 2008

Hefty hessian potato sacks!

Thats what it feels like I currently have under my eyes!

Last night I spent so long up the hospital as Tels dad took ill again and through my powers of persuasion I got him admitted rather than sending him home again! but by the time I got home it was just before midnight and couldnt relax enough to go to bed, so a hot cuppa of latte and the first dose of I'm a Celebrity did the trick
I have to admit, this show is the only reality show I adore! I get hooked from day one, just makes me laugh and this guy is the funniest so far!
In his words 'screaming like a girl'and this guy make me spit my latte chuckling (quietly so as not to wake everyone up) when he went rolling down the slope and his saviour was been wrapped around a tree! I poured lots of tears over that lol bless himOur Sunday challenge is up and running and was sponsored by the wonderful Indigo Mill, Loved the 'lemon grass' crate papersI made this layout using the photo I took of my friends, and a huge thank you to them for quickly arriving last night so I could run and relieve Tel from his hospital duty, thank you honeys x

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