Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Tell all

yep its Tuesday again already :)

Question:- Where in the world have you been?

This is going to be very short me thinks, I cant even really add photos as they are all in the loft! and on the hard drive which is downstairs!

Let me think, right, from early childhood, all our holidays were spent in a friends caravan at the Golden Sands resort in MablethorpeI never went abroad with school but I did go to some ECO place with senior school in Wales!I spent a week in Wales when I was older and toured all over, really beautiful countryside :)

I've been to GreeceSpain (twice)

Florida (working holiday with my job when I was a carer with physically disabled adults - a tough holiday but well worth it)
We spent a week in Dumfries in Scotland as our first family holiday and I was scared to death after a road rage incident!!! Put me off ever going back there again, even though it was so beautiful!and of course Cornwall - which is just my dream place to live
**all images with huge thanks to Google as I just havent got any to hand**

So to conclude, I think I need to get my passport renewed and get travelling! Thanks Emma for pointing this out to me :)

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