Saturday, 1 November 2008

Ho Ho Ho

Friday night was Halloween, so why did I end up dressing as Santa I hear you ask!!!
A lucky dip fancy dress party thats why!!! Oh well poor Tel was a hippy but nothing was worse than his mate in a wicked witch outfit incl tights!!! lmao :)
Hopefully got some photos to share once I find some :)

On weds I took some photos of my friends as they wanted a photo in a frame for on their wedding day for guests to sign, now I am no photographer, I'm pretty crap actually but I gave it a go (defo need some direction with photography now)Last night saw my friends hen night! To be honest I havent suffered as badly as I normally do the morning after, but by golly I drank ALOT :) Photos to follow :)
Tonight is challenge night over on Rosiedees blog so pop on over and join in if you can, sadly my photo will be updated tomorrow as I've misplaced my camera!

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  1. your not crap, you have done a great job. dont ever put your self down
    we love this pic.
    love steph & lee x x x


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