Thursday, 27 November 2008

Tell all

well i'm a couple of days late with this but to be honest there is nothing to tell!!!
Emma asks - Did you have an imaginary friend!
To my knowledge and remembrance - I didnt!!!
I was a daydreamer, still am really but I didnt have that 'friend' :(

On a crafty note, here is a layout that I made for ECP with the Indigo Mill kitI loved this kit and they are so worth the money, the kits start from £4.99 a real bargain to be head, so if your looking for something different, pop on over to Indigo Mill and have a peek at whats on offer.
You can see how I put the layout together over at ECP available on a down loadable format :)
(The light here is so rubbish at the moment! This is a gorgeous bright red card - wouldnt think it would you)
Very busy creating at the moment for my upcoming craft fair and book fairs so busy bee that I am must pop off and 'create' dinner for the little ones first :)

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