Monday, 1 December 2008

What a Weekend!

Friday night saw the evening reception to the lubbly Steph and Lee's Wedding, she wore the most gorgeous purple dress I have ever seen
Here she is eating the 'nuts' but sod that, look at the bloody dress :)The lubbly coupleA huge congratulations to you both

Although I was in no fit state to remember the end of the evening! All I can say is that that wine must have a) been very strong % and b) spiked or c) I just had too much and I shall never let the stuff pass my lips again!Because somehow I came home with brides tiara on my head and the table flowers!!!!!!!!! I assure you Steph they are both very safe :)

**All photos courtesy of Cazzs facebook - I bloody hate facebook!!! she gets the worse ones of me on there all the time!!! - I'm damned certain she edits her own!**

So no joke I spent ALL DAY Saturday very ill in my dressing gown, did I mention very ill, I'm not lying :(
Sunday was spent with Tel nursing a hangover!!! We wont even go there and today as in Monday is a busy one with Jacks art and craft day at school, and me supposed to be doing Usborne books at a local library!

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  1. Looks like you had a lubberly time - despite the spiked wine!

    You're right about that dress, it's beautiful!


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