Saturday, 3 January 2009

I'm so sad i've hardly taken any photos over the Christmas and New Year period because my xd card is playing up in my camera!!! :(
I have so much crafty goodness to show but until him indoors helps me I cannot.

Although I do have this with thanks to New Years Eve photos taken by my dearest friend How cute is he :) My little X Factor dude

Back soon x


  1. Just how cute does Riley look?! Love the professional way he holds that mike and his left hand!

    Lots of love me (and MY Edward! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!)

  2. That's a great photo but I think I may be glad it doesn't come with sound?! Lol!

  3. OMG...I will definitely read Stephanie Meyers draft for Midnight Sun. Thx for telling me. I was trying to convince my hubby to take me to see Twilight for a second time...haha. I had to make a deal with him to watch all the Rocky movies...haha. I was able to get the movie so now I don't have to go through with the deal...haha. I luv the books so much that I can't stop readying them but I also don't want to finish them cause I don't want them to end...haha. I had a dream about hottie Edward Cullan. Think I need to take a bread from reading the books...haha. He's sooo freaking hot!!



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