Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Quite some time ago I read an article over at Paper Craft Junkies about Inchies.
Today I found another challenge blog Inch by Inch which I believe has inspired me to have a go, all the links lead back to the tutorial for the cube decoration which I think is just fabby.

On a very different note yesterday I ordered this

Theres nothing better than dancing around the house to disco music is there! is there... lol
After our (as in mine and Cazzs) weigh in tonight I defo need to sort my shite out! I've had a relaxing holiday period and am back in control now;
I've decided after reading and being inspired by this lovely blog which I frequently visit (she's openly spoke of how she's lost her weight) that monthly weigh ins are the way to go.

I'll let you know my progress at some point :)


  1. `Good Luck`
    `Have fun`...looks like a great Disc!!!:)~X~

  2. Fab links Deanne. I think inchies could be quite addictive, they do look fun.

    Good Luck with the weight loss plan.


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