Thursday, 8 January 2009


I've been a tad busy today uploading items to my new Etsy store, so here are a few sneak peekys

I still have lots to do before I open it officially and its very exciting, well i'm excited anyhoo... :)

Tomorrow I have to wait in all day for Mr Hotpoint to turn up! He is coming to have a peek at our jet engine of a tumble dryer! I hope he states there is a problem and not that its suppose to be 'that' noisy, because its seriously unbearable... to the point I'm so behind with my laundry now because I hate switching the dryer on... I mean we have to turn the tv up to over 40 and even then we can barely hear it!!!!! Grrrr I am NOT A LOVER OF HOTPOINT FROM NOW ON... :)


  1. I need more snealky peaks....they look yummy!

  2. More sneak peaks please. xx

    Don't mention Hotpoint to me. Glad you've seen the light. Once bitten & all that!!!

    Hope you've got something sorted by now.


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