Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Its my honey's birthday today - a mahoosive 30 yes thirty - no he's not THAT much younger than me, but just a little bit.
I love him tons and tons and cant wait for him to get home from work, we have a few surprises in store :) hehehehe
he's the best daddy ever and bestest man you can get, but he's mine, ALL MINE,and I especially love this photo of my honey at St Ives beach last year....
off to do 'birthday surprise stuff' nudge nudge wink wink...


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Tel. Make sure Dee and the boys spoil you rotten! x

  2. `Happ B`day` to you lubly husband...
    I aggree with Risie ther ..hope you spoil him rotten!!!*wink*..
    Have a fab Evening:)~X~

  3. oops..I meant `Rosie` sorry:(


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