Wednesday, 25 February 2009


As per yesterdays post, it was my lubbly fellas birthday :)
Thank you to everyone for their best wishes.
His favvo cake is good ole vic sponge! So I made a few mini ones for himHe loved his surprises, a personalised silver guitar pick (show pic tmz) and a weekend away in a country cottage - just the two of us, not till the end of March so we something to look forward too :)
Loving my book at the moment 'The Host', have some crafting to do this evening if I can keep my eyes open long enough, I feel well shattered today! Nearly finished updating my Wedding website so I'll hopefully have that open from next week :) Finally...


  1. Hi Deann..Cake looks `scrummy mmm Glad you had a great Evening...:)
    Yaaah!!!Roll on
    I left a coupla Awards on my blog for you!!!
    Have a lovely Evening:)~X~

  2. Hello Hello Hello whats going on here then - they look absolutely ruddy gorgeous and they are making me hungry - mmmm

    Hope Tel enjoyed them

    Elaine x

  3. Hi, I just need to say...omg..they look divine..a whole little cake to yourself..yum yum..I dare say I could force two or three down my mouth :)



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