Thursday, 26 February 2009

Awards and Glitter!

I've had a tad crafty session this evening, whilst my lubbly fella came home from work and went straight to bed as he is feeling rather unwell bless him.
Whilst in the middle of applying glitter one sneezed, hence I am now a tad sparkly! ;) that ever happened to you, its about as bad as dropping a box of eyelets on the floor I think.

On a fantastic note though, the lovely and ubber talented Terrie Bailey gave me a couple of blog awards, so thank you thank you thank you

So difficult to give these back to peeps cause I love all the blogs that I hop around, so purely because I adore these blogs and get so much inspiration from them I pass these awards onto
jellybelly-jellybrain (Emma)

there are soooo many more blogs but I've sure they've already had these :) xxx I dont mean to miss anyone out honest :)


  1. Wow!!! Thanks sooooo much very sweet of you to think of me :) I haven't sneezed when I was playing around with glitter but I have dropped my huge box of colored sorted buttons recently...aarrrghh...but my lovely children organized them for me :) Have a super day!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the award Deanne.
    Not sure how I inspire you with my inane nosense, but it's nice to know I'm appreciated!

  3. Thank you for the award chick! Great to know I don't blog to myself! hehe xx


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