Friday, 6 February 2009


Schools closed again today, its snowing buckets outside, at some point we'll make it to the shop for essentials, praying that its after the gas man has been!
Yesterday I managed to catch up with my 52q journal
Week 4 - Look into my eyes what do I seeWeek 5 - How do I feel today (I know I'm a few days late with this one but I wrote about how I felt yesterday)Another drama that I didnt mention about the boiler springing a leak is that ALL of my scrap patterned papers, altered boxes and much much more were in a set of drawers underneath it (limited for space here so I use every inch) and sadly each one was filled with water! :( All gone, lost so much stuff its a joke, but the only good thing was at least that amount of water wasnt over the floor.

Still it was a sad moment when I had to dump it all in the recycling bin :(


  1. These are fab!!!I love your journalling...
    Hope you get your boiler sorted out soon!!!
    `Stay Warm`..:)~X~

  2. Oh hun you must be devastated. Sending you hugs


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