Thursday, 5 February 2009


its just glorious today, woke up to a text from the school stating its closed due to the weather, after looking outside I could see why :) woo hoo the snow has landed - I love snow, have I ever mentioned that :)Although a major problem of ours at the moment is that our boiler is still broken, so still no hot water or heating!!! British Gas were due today but obviously could not get here because of the state of the roads, fingers crossed he gets here tomorrow cause its blooming freezing.Everyone got fed up of me going on about building a snowman so I was left to fend for myself with the rolling of snow! whilst they bombarded me and each other with snowballs, although I must add, I did get my honey a cropper!!!! hahaha (witches cackle)
Love this one :)
Wicket loved the snowbye bye for now, more snow to come from the weather reports, right up until Monday- bring it on.


  1. That's proper cack them not getting through to fix your boiler.

    But proper fab piccies though angel, glad you all had fun, and love those cheeky little boys, they're the spit of you!

    Steph x

  2. Luv the snowman. Your kid are adorable. Wicket is sooo cute.


  3. Fab Photo`s Deann.That snowman `Rocks` A********
    all round:)~X~


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