Friday, 17 April 2009

Five Fav Friday

Today I've decided to share some blogs and people, these are ones that I stalk, lol, or have come across and felt touched and inspired.

Katie Memorial Foundation - a brave and courageous woman who constantly helped others and sadly lost her life in her prime,read her story here
You can also help by donating a handcrafted item to the linked Etsy store, I've contacted them with my offer :)

Alicia Paulson - Whilst on the search for crochet patterns online, I firstly came across this gorgeous pattern and then her blog, and wow she is one talented lady who has a super gorgeous craft space and I love how she does a mix of things.
I always worry that maybe I like too many different crafts, but people like Alicia have made me feel right about it :)

Kirsty Wiseman - This woman makes me choke with laughter! Her humour is something else and so is her crafting, I love her style muchly! lol
She's a bit of a twitterer... but a kind, honest and lovely person who does wonders as a crafter, a mother and a wife :) Wubs ya Kirst!
Ps her new Patti Picklicious CD is awesome, you can buy it here, see how talented :)

Allsorts - This blog is amazing and full of so much colour and crafting inspiration, some great mini free tutorials day to day living :)

Elsie - Now I will admit that it took me a while to warm to Elsie, I found her papers difficult to work with at first but then I found my niche with them keeping my pages simple, which in turn made me love layouts with lots of white space :)I think I like her so much now as I know deep down I would just love to be as quirky as her :)
She's just opened her own bricks and mortar shop and from what I can gather her new RVA Store is going down a treat too :)

Thats it from me, hope I've given you some new places to visit x


  1. These are fab Deann I love youur LO...
    Gonna check that Memorial fund out now..TFS:)♥

  2. Thank you SO so much for listing my shop on your site AND for your lovely donation. You * are * SO * darn * wonderful!




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