Thursday, 16 April 2009


Hmmmm after I read the Twilight series of books there was no way that any other series of books was gonna come close to that, like not even within an inch!
Then I started reading the 'House of Night' series by P.C and Kristin Cast. I've read 'Marked' and 'Betrayed' and I'm currently on book 3 'Chosen' and I have to say this is the best book so far :)
I would like to add further that it is a VERY different take on the vampire world! and I love it..
Apart from Zoey my fav character is Loren Blake! Come tell me different if you dare lol
So if you enjoyed Twilight, I'd try reading this one too.
On a very different note, my lovely new blog came courtesy of Debs Crafts and there all freebies :) and gorgeous, great eh.
Another grey day here weather wise, although for fresh air me and the boys are walking to town after some tuna pasta salad stocked up in our tummies
I have a great fiv fav for tomorrow, well I think so, so please come back and see.
ttfn x


  1. Thx for the recommendation! I will have to pick up Chosen from Chapters this weekend. I haven't read any of the 3 books. are these all by the same author and are they a saga like Twilight?


  2. LoL @ Wicket's bun near you face when he cuddles with you. Too cute!! You need to take a pick of it and post it on your blog.



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