Wednesday, 29 April 2009


We had some awesome thunder and lightening last night, came from no where, was fabby until I had to go out in it to pick Jack up from beavers! eek
Had a refreshing walk into town today after what seemed like a dire day yesterday with behaviour! so needed lots of fresh air to start the day.
Got a new trough planter for my carrots up the allotment, then realised I had to walk home with that! and some other planty bits and bobs..
better update very soon, the girls are around tomorrow for a scrap night :) so hopefully the wine will flow and giggles all round :) xx


  1. Good Luck with the carrots hun...x

    Have a fabby night tomoz. Gez. :-)

  2. erm actually honey....we're not round until Friday! lol

  3. I have no idea how I am logged in as Mark and also no idea how to get out of being Mark! For the record it's Cazz and Mark better not be coming round yours with out me! pmsl!


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