Thursday, 30 April 2009

Trial and Error!

There has being lots of trials and lots of errors here at this household this week! I'd like to add with the hook and wool kind!
Yesterday a few lightbulbs went off in me head and ta-da I actually today finished a crochet item, from start to finish :)
** little teaser of some double crochet - hehehe**
I cant tell you what it is yet until my friend recieves it! for her nod of approval and then they will be available in a new shop of mine, again, I'll reveal details of that very soon :) Hopefully very exciting so fingers crossed I get lots of orders :)


  1. So my pressie is cream and contains double croche eh? HAHA xx

  2. Love your crochet!!!(that never looks right however I spell it Deann)
    Look forward to the full reveal!!
    Fabulous creations going on here!!!
    Just loves your style!!TFI..
    `Good Luck` with your New Venture Deann...
    Have a lovely weekend:)♥

  3. fab bloggie look by the way!!
    I darnt change the background on mine cos I nearly lost me hole blog last time!!!lol...


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