Monday, 11 May 2009

Cosmic Cricket

I dont seem to be scrapping as much at the moment, so many other things going on. So I loved it when my buddy came round Saturday night, ordered a chinese and we got scrapping :)
I used some gorgeous Cosmic Cricket boy papers
I finished a coaster mini book which I'll be selling in one of my stores too :) Will show photo shortly
I have to admit I love it :)
I've had one of those days today, its being so windy here that my little growhouse which had all my seedlings (which were all ready to be planted out) blew up the garden, I ran round shouting 'no' followed closely by Riley shouting 'oh no' and then running off with the now empty plant pots :(
I managed to save about half of it, moved the growhouse and then as if it couldnt get anyworse, the compost bin (empty) decided to then take off, hit my lovely large terracotta pot FULL of strawberry plants and smashed it to bits :( uh defo one of those days :(
Can only be better tomorrow right! RIGHT lol x


  1. Oh no! When my growhouse blew over it was empty luckily!

    It was a windy one today and still is tonight! I have a lovely little lantern thingy that sits outside but my DH(!!!!) had decided to put it on the patio table and I came home from work to find it strewn on the patio. The frame and the 3 lanterns had parted company in 4 different directions but very luckily the glass in them was intact - oh how lucky HE is! hehe x

  2. Awe Deanne....sending you a belated big ((hug)) Sounds like Riley had fun chasing the empty pots!

  3. I meant to say GREAT LO. Riley looks a cutie pie. Your LO looks so tactile.xx

  4. Hi Deann Well your LO is gorgeous..
    Riley is a `cutie pie`...Bless him that phto is gorg!!!!
    Hope you got your plants sorted out now..flamin wind!!!:) x


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