Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Wow is all I can say, whilst at Hobby Craft on Friday I found these most delicious papers, and they are super duper delicious for many reasons,
Firstly, how adorable are those ickle animals :)
Second, the toadstool paper is embossed and that beautiful red spottly paper, is a gorgeous high gloss red :)
You just have to see them in the flesh to believe how gorgeous they are :)
I'm off to Elaines this weekend for a little Indigo Mill meet up again, and these papers are most certainly being packed in my bag for me to have a play with :)


  1. Now, I have to say that these papers are VERY girly indeed, and as you have two boys, I think that I need to take them off your hands to scrap a page for my poppett!


  2. Just drying my keyboard!!! There mine, there mine! well....I can here them shouting my name!

  3. `Yum Yum`...
    looks like your gonna have a great weekend crafting:) x


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