Saturday, 30 May 2009

The Hedge!

Our neighbouring hedge got rather large! so it was arranged that a friend of ours would cut it down and put it back to shape - wow - what a big job, he did our hedge then popped over next door and did the other side and their other hedge!

At one point he needed Tel's help to get a few of the 'larger' tops sawed off, so Tel 'climbed' in the hedge sat on it and saw'ed away! If you dont believe me here's the photos lolThis was further along the hedge, he crawled across the top!!
Another tip run tomorrow and then its all done :)


  1. Gosh! that looks high up Deanne. Short sleeves on as well. Ouch hope he didn't get too scratched.xx

  2. That is some bush you got there girl, no wonder it needed trimming back ;-)


  3. WoW! Looks like ALOT of work.



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