Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Woo Hoo, Traci over at 'Sweet Cheeky Designs' did a custom order for me for a few blinkies, I wanted to give the forum a funky cool one and let the designers have one too. Now I am no tech savvy when it comes to html and blinkies bla bla bla... whoosh right over my head...
I also asked her to custom a blinkie for my blog too which I adore :)

She is so lovely and so very patient, she found it quite comical as my accent came out over the numerous emails! Thinking about it, it is funny now I've looked back how I type how I talk! lol 'sorted'... lol
Here's my beautiful blinkies, grab a forum one:)
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Grab a blog one :)
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Even better, click on Traci's link and see what she can do for you
Night night xxx


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