Wednesday, 3 June 2009


The weather here since the weekend has being glorious, my only sad face arose when I got sunburnt :( typical the only time I get a sun tan is when a freckle joins with another one! so what have I being up to then!
  • I've being sorting my things out ready for my first ever craft retreat :) I'm very excited, I have a few more crafty bits to finish and pack and then I'm ready hehehe
  • I've started reading this again purely because I needed a bloody good book and the House of Night series untamed book I just cant get hold of at the moment :( Really enjoying re-reading it though ;) As soon as I'm finished which should be tonight it will be winging its way to Tels mate
  • Watching this and this! with Riley of course
  • Making bright and funky headbands for my new store update :
  • planting planting and more planting
  • ooh and I had my stitches out today too :) eek that was uncomfortable, thankfully there was only two!
  • craft challenges

Speaking of challenges better go and finish off some projects :) See you soon x

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    We bought Tom a dvd last week. We are nearly word perfect!!! aarrh!

    He's fallen out with In The Night Garden. Upsy Daisy took some stones off Makka Pakka & now Tom cries everytime she comes on TV. phew! Altho we've still to read the

    Twilight looks good. May be one day when I've grown up! Gez.xx


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