Friday, 5 June 2009


are to be treasured.
I have to say that I'm in my **cough cough** thirties now, and I have to say that whilst being in my thirties I have found such a fantastic friend base!
After yesterdays post I woke to some lovely messages off friends that I've never even met! (not you obv Rosie lol) and they really touched me :) so thank you.
Then after a trip to the allotment to regain composure I came home to a beautiful package of goodies of the beautiful and very talented Terrie Bailey, to think that she took the time to make all these goodies and then posted them to me made me cry, with happiness.
You put some much needed sunshine in my life today honey thank you :)
I can honestly say I have a handful of very best friends and I believe thats all you need, the ones you can rely on, say anything too, and do mad girlie things with :)

I was let down by a very good friend some time ago and it still hurts to this day! so I do find it hard to trust and let people in, believe it or not lol

Anyways enough, I'm off on the Indigo Mill retreat tomorrow till Sunday and I cannot wait :) I'm going to wear my beautiful new necklace (thank you again Terrie) and craft my little heart out, bathe in the hot tub and ooh must not forget my bottle of bubbly ;) x


  1. Wishing you a SUPER weekend Deanne. XXXX

  2. Hey Deanne
    ...Your worth every last bit my lovely!!!!
    Your gift to me is as equally special to me...
    (I cried to)..

    for that I `treasure`...
    seriously you have the most wonderful weekend ever....
    lots of love my `friend`:) xxx
    loves to you and yours :) x

  3. Have a great weekend! Your cards are so fantastic:-)


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