Thursday, 4 June 2009


I have to say it, I have to get it off my chest. We are having an awful time here with Riley :( he's gorgeous, he's cute, he's funny but then 90% of the time he has fits and rages of screaming. I cannot tell you how much he is getting us (or me) down, I feel crap to be honest, is it me, is it him! Just when you think you are working them out and they are calming down, he lets rip in the middle of the post office today :(
I cannot tell you how I'm feeling, unless you've gone through the same I'm sure you'll then understand.

I know its a communication barrier, even though he can speak so many words, he's not putting them into sentances, so he just screams all the time :(

I'm booking an appointment for a hearing check next week to get that cleared up as thats the first thing people say! and we'll plod on from there.

We are hoping once the sentances come along that it will lesson and he wont do it as much, but until then I need all the snotty tissues I can get my hands on because he reduces me to tears :(
Toddlers eh! xx


  1. Oh honey BIG ((HUGS)) just for you Deanne. XXX

    We have a 27 month old boy Tom & I think he could be Riley's double.

    I saw a t-shirt once it said on the can't frighten me I've got kids!! It did make me laugh.

    I'm sure fingers crossed Riley will be fine when he goes for his check-up. He's just twisting all the knobs of life & seeing what makes his parents jump up & down!! Its not easy - hang in there honey - its not forever - it just feels like it. Some days its just not fun any more I know.

    I've read a brilliant book years ago called Toddler Taming & I've even bought it as a gift for someone! I'll see if I can find the author for you it's a good read if nothing else!

    Take care honey. Off to see if I can find your email addy. BIG HUGS again because you can never have too many. Gez.xxxx

    PS my op went ok! :-D

  2. Hi Deanne....

    I couldnt aggree more with Gez
    Keep your head up my lovely....
    Riley will be fine...:) x
    Sending you and yours big (((hugs))) my lovely :):):) x

  3. Hi Deanne, I'm blog hopping and hopped here!
    Gosh, after reading your post, I just wanna give ya a hug too!
    Prayers that Riley's hearing is fine!
    What Gez said is right on! My oldest put me through the same, he's 17 now and a wonderful gentleman...I'm very proud the way he turned out! But I remember being reduced to tears!
    take care hun, it will get better!
    Blessings, Maria


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