Saturday, 27 June 2009


This flu bug has really dragged me down :( I feel awful, I'm left with a barking cough and tight chest and i'm totally shattered.
Trying to keep on top of things at home is hard, I have a mini burst of energy and then spend double that time recuperating :(
This is what happens though when you let your toddler make a jam sandwich


  1. LOL, now that's a cute picture! And just think, in a few years you'll have a pretty capable jam sandwich maker because of the 'early start'!
    I always told my kids they were lucky to have a lazy mom that didn't wait on them all the as teens they know how to do soooo many things independently! lol
    So sorry you're not better yet! Sending healthy prayers your way!
    take care
    Blessings, Maria

  2. OH WOW! What a cutie!!! Better than a bottle of medicine any day. :-D

    Chin up girl.♥ Thinking of you.♥ Take care & listen to your body.


  3. for the papers when he`s 18 Deanne ....
    Lotsa loves:) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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