Wednesday, 8 July 2009


I'm choking on brick and plaster dust here :( I was on a mad cleaning mission this morning but it was pointless downstairs so I attacked upstairs instead, so I am pleased to announce it is sparkling and lovely and clean and tidy, that is until the boys trash their rooms again!
Although I have given Jack my new pullout desk for his room (as its too large for my soon to be craft room) so I've explained that he's got a big boys room now and really needs to try to keep it as tidy as possible! *yeah like that will happen!* lol

Over on Easy Craft Projects the new Design Team have being announced and they are Katie Berberich and Norma Kennedy, if you pop on over here you can see their bio and snippets of their work, its awesome :)

Speaking of ECP the lovely Lisa has given me an award for my blog, this cheered me up and made my day :)

So hopefully by passing it on to these lovely ladies I'll make their day too :)

and Trak

Back soon x


  1. AW Deann You seriously did put a `smile` on my face!!!
    (I`m coming down with the lurgy`s)grrrrrrr errr tissues at the ready!!!!!so feeling like `Cacka`
    Thankyou so much.
    my `lovely friend`:) xxx
    Loves to all;)x

  2. Sending BIG ((hugs)) What a lovely surprise. Thank You...xx

    Can't wait to see your new craft room Deanne exciting!

    There is a little somefink on my little bloggie for you honey! Gez.xx

  3. Thanks for this Deanne!

    Fe x


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